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ZBrush+PS半透明生物皮肤制作教程 The Gnomon Workshop – Creating Translucent Creature Skin讲解ZBrush中生物模型的建模,PS里贴图材质的制作,最后到Keyshot进行渲染输出Starting in Photoshop, the workshop begins with an introduction to the color palette Gino uses for painting flesh tones.

He also explains the importance of his selections and what they’re used for when building up realistic skin tones.

His lecture then moves into ZBrush for two chapters, allowing you to follow along as he sculpts his very own creature concept from scratch.

Starting with a basic skull, he builds out a demon-like design while showing the timelapse of his complete sculpting process, with tips, tricks, favorite tools, and industry insights given along the way.

发布日期: 2022-7-31