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20组科幻机械手臂3D模型 ArtStation – 20 Scifi Arms GameReady v.2 + PBR Maps + Render Scene20组机械手臂模型,包含FBX、OBJ、ZBrush、Substance Painter格式,包含PBR贴图材质和渲染好的场景工程With mid topology, great for game projects, simply drop the maps in the slot to facilitate the creation of your games, concept arts and amazing trailers like the example of my trailer belowFiles– OBJ and FBX with uvs ready to import in others 3D software and drag, drop maps to work.

Posable– Divided into polygroups, they can easily be articulated in the desired pose.

ZBrush Project– You can customize the choice, and get total control of the anatomy without disfiguring details. You receive the project with folders organized by hand, fingers, forearm in separate tools together with mid poly and high poly in 5 SDv. (commercial license)Substance Painter Files (.spp)– Each arm and hand has its own Substance project, you can customize the colors, export the maps again and everything works perfectly, giving you the freedom to have a unique project.

发布日期: 2022-8-30