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Nuke绿幕特效视频抠像教程 Lynda – VFX Keying:Master Course在影视特效中绿幕或者蓝幕是很常用的拍摄需要,本教材讲解在Nuke 9中利用 KEYLIGHT, Primatte, Ultimatte等一些插件来完成完美的抠像,调色,边缘调整等Blue-screen and green-screen keying is the bread and butter of visual effects compositing.

Every VFX artist must master this complex subject to succeed in the industry.

This course offers 12 hours of the most comprehensive and detailed training ever produced on the subject of keying, covering literally every aspect of the job.

You can follow along with NUKE, the software featured in the videos, or with any other compositing software that offers floating-point math.

NUKE master trainer Steve Wright introduces several overall compositing workflows, as well as a myriad of tips and tricks and several keying techniques never before published.

Learn about green-screen, blue-screen, luma, and saturation keys; spill suppression; color correction; edge refinement; and more.

Plus, get a bonus appendix chapter of tutorials on keyers such as KEYLIGHT, Primatte, Ultimatte, and others.

Note: This course was created by Steve Wright, author of the seminal book, Digital Compositing for Film and Video.

We are proud to host this course in our library.

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发布日期: 2016-10-12