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制作好的场景效果预览官方宣传片3D地表地形场景制作软件 + 材质模型 Quixel MegaScan Suite V0.917 Win/Mac破解版Megascans包含大量的真实地表3D模型库,在游戏或者电影三维场景中,可以快速制作复杂真是的地表场景,包含大量模型材质库和插件的视频使用教程Megascans is a massive online scan library of high-resolution, consistent PBR calibrated surface, vegetation and 3D scans, also including desktop applications for managing, mixing and exporting your downloaded scan data.

It’s the product of 5 years of scanning and is a collaboration with top game and film studios worldwide.

安装步骤:安装MegaScan Studio拷贝替换文件夹中的Assembly-CSharp.dll到Win:C:\Program Files\Quixel\Megascans Studio\Megascans Studio_Data\Managed完成破解Mac:应用程序/Megascan Studio/右键显示包内容/Contents/Resources/Data/ManagedWin版本下载Mac版本下载模型材质库下载

3D地表地形场景制作软件 + 材质模型 Quixel MegaScan Suite V0.917 Win/Mac破解版的图片1

发布日期: 2017-03-21