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Houdini游戏特效教程 Pluralsight – Houdini VFX for Games在Unreal Engine 4中配合Houdini,制作一些常用的特效效果,比如镜头抖动,爆炸等Have you ever sat down in Unreal Engine to create an effect, and not had a clue where to start? Then you’ll love this course, Houdini VFX for Games.

First, you’ll start from the very beginning by creating the textures for your sprites.

Next, you’ll create debris in a way that allows you use over and over again.

Finally, you’ll add all the extras to really sell the effect, like decals, camera shake, and a shockwave.

When you are finished with this course, not only will you have gained a deeper understanding of timing and the importance of telling a story with the effect, but you’ll have planted the seed for future endeavors into proceduralism.

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发布日期: 2017-04-29