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色彩原理+AI表情制作 Skillshare Intro to Design: Color Theory色彩是设计过程中最基本的原理,传达想法,感情等,好的色彩运用可以让作品带给别人强烈的感觉Color is one of the most basic tools that a designer or illustrator possesses in their visual toolbox, communicating thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Correct use of color can take your project to the next level of professionalism and help your work make a much stronger connection with your audience.

课程知识点:In this class you will learn how to build and use effective color palettes in order to convey a sense of emotion to your audience. You will use color to express a series of different emotions in order to study how color can affect perception. You will learn tips and tricks on building effective and expansive color palettes as well as ways to edit and control color in both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We’ll cover:Color Theory.

We’ll start with the bare bones of color theory, talk about terminology, look at different ways of creating color, and discuss how to build a color palette.

The Context of Color.

We’ll look at some of the meaning behind color and how to use color that supports what you’re trying to convey.

Expanding Your Palette.

In the final section, we’ll take a look at some tips and tricks for polishing your use of color in a project, all while expanding and adding depth to your palette.


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发布日期: 2014-08-17