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二维动画卡通角色控制脚本 Aescripts Leems Animation Tools v2 + 教程Leem’s Animation Tools 2是一个AE二维角色动画控制工具包,包含了一些实用的小工具,角色的绑定控制,关键帧动画的平滑等,包含6个视频教程Leem’s Animation Tools 2 is a small collection of After Effects tools brought together into a single user friendly pack.

These tools were designed by animator Liam Hill as work-flow enhancements for character animation.

Initially developed as stand-alone scripts for specific needs, the tools have evolved over time and practice into a refined, UI-driven pack allowing customisation and flexibility.

工具包作用:Simple one-click use for quick results, or dive deeper and tweak settings to suit your specific needs.

Easily create controls throughout your project that flip between layers or frames of compositions, and manipulate them all from a single, dynamic UI-based library.

Create Null controllers for puppet pins and parent them together or to other layers, giving mesh deformation all the advantages of a hierarchal animation system.

Easily create the illusion of animation strobing when and where you want it, eliminating the ‘tweeny’ look of digital animation while retaining the original curves.

Create point constraints and direction constraints for any object despite it’s ancestry, to make working with rotations simple and fast.

Instantly bake any section of any animation curve into a series of hold keys at a specified interval, to allow for quick blocking and timing work.


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发布日期: 2014-09-14