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概念原画设计教程(英文字幕) Motion Design School – In-Depth Concept Art讲解一张抽象概念原画绘制的整个流程,主要是在PS中进行绘制,讲解设计的理念和技巧等You will learn how to start with a basic idea or a concept to create a world of its own using simple tools and techniques. You will go through the whole process like concept artists in real studios do, and discover what it’s like to be a part of a project for an animated movie. I’ll demonstrate the workflow of a concept artist. We will start with a line sketch and slowly work through the artwork by using techniques like Photobashing and 3D concepting to create a final piece. This course is perfectly suitable for people who don’t know how to draw since I use basic techniques and simple examples. You will still be able to produce a great result, even with no prior knowledge!

发布日期: 2020-4-1