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二次元宝可梦三维卡通角色雕刻ZBrush教程 Plua3D – 3D Anime Scene Creation In ZBrush – Girl, Bedroom And Pokemon超过6个小时的视频教程,分别讲解女生角色的制作、室内场景的制作和宝可梦的制作,包含所有的工程文件和用到的素材等The whole process of creating the character was done in ZBrush, and only some of the existing textures were created in other programs.

6 video files with more than 6 hours of content.

3 of them are for the girl’s creation, 2 are for the bedroom, and 1 for Sylveon.

8 original project folders, with files of materials, brushes, projects, ztools, obj files, images and textures, among other things.

1 ZBrush IMM hair brush, with 6 different hair types.

1 ZBrush IMM ties brush, with 1 type.

1 PDF file with more than 10 pages describing the entire process of creating the scenes seen.

1 female low res basemesh obj file with an ideal topology for modeling, texturing, and sculpting.

This model was used to create the female character seen in the images.

12 obj files containing the female character in 3 different clothes with Sylveon, and in high and low poly.

发布日期: 2021-3-10