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Maya Python语言绑定教程 Master Rigging & Python Scripting In Maya5个小时的视频教程,讲解Maya利用Python语言进行绑定的方法,包括节点、效果器、约束器等之间的关系Automating different rigging setups is an essential part of the production pipeline at any major studio.

Learn all the fundamental elements of rigging and Python scripting in Maya with this 5-hour workshop, which is structured so that even beginners can follow along — even if you’ve never done any rigging or scripting before.

Nick eases viewers in with lessons about the commonly used nodes, deformers, constraints, and explains various other types of relationships within Maya.

As the workshop progresses, the concepts become more complex with step-by-step demonstrations that you can follow and apply to your own projects.

发布日期: 2021-5-27