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Blender快速建模插件 Kit Ops Design Magic for Blender v2.92+Design Magic是Blender的一款快速建模插件,包含大量模型预设可以直接使用,另外也可以使用布尔等建模功能,模拟CAD工业建模等So, the goal of DESIGN MAGIC is to accelerate both the speed and iterations of your hard surface 3D designs.

And it’s accomplished in the most simple of ways: Using our own newly updated KIT OPS addon.

At its core, DESIGN MAGIC is a collection of well over 200 smartly designed KIT OPS INSERTS which allow you to drag and drop and model directly on your objects.

It works with KIT OPS 2 PRO and takes advantages of all the new snapping features while giving you immediate access to your KPACKS with customizable Favorites buttons.



发布日期: 2021-8-11