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C4D室内场景渲染教程 PRO EDU – The Complete Hollywood Photo Studio BuildPRO EDU出品的C4D教程的第三部分,讲解C4D中室内摄影棚场景环境渲染教程,主要用到Octane渲染器进行灯光调节和渲染输出,后期在PS进行调节If you learn CGI, you’ll never be held back by your budget, your access to travel, or your small home studio, ever again.

Once you own a set or a prop, you have it to use forever.

You can change your angle, light it any way you want, add or remove props, and change anything you like to suit the image you want to make.

You can even set up the lighting to match a portrait you’ve already taken.

With these photoreal sets and models, clients will never be able to tell the difference between what is real, and what you’ve created especially for them.


发布日期: 2021-11-2