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Laser Photo Wizard是一款用于常见激光雕刻图片的软件,你可以利用这款软件来创建符合激光打印要求的照片。


File size: 24.13 MBLaser Photo Wizard Professional is powerful software for creating images ready for Laser Photo Engraving.

The system offers extensive controls to convert photos to grayscale black and white images.

It then can use one of three effects to create pure black and white images for the laser.

Laser Photo Wizard uses three methods to achieve this:• Edge Sketching – This method looks at the edges of an image to create a sketch of the image.

This has an artistic quality and works very well on low cost lasers.

• Dithering – This method uses a series of black and white dots that are arranged so that the gray value in and give area is preserved.

• Combined Dithering with Sketch – This method, that works well with wood, increases the contrast of the engraved image buy dithering and also considering the edges of the photo.

The system also has the ability to add text, vector outlines and overlays to the image.

A built in black and white editor is offered in the pro version.

Release Notes• official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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