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WEB FLAC (Tracks) 352 MB | 48 minutes | EDM | Label: VE POSITIVALondon-based electronic dance producer Jonas Blue (born Guy James Robin in Essex, England) caught the attention of the industry with his reimagining of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit “Fast Car.

” Adding a tropical house tint to the plaintive, bittersweet acoustic original, Blue enlisted the talents of young British singer Dakota, whose sultry vocals helped carry the song to the top of 17 international charts, including number one slots in Australia, Scotland, and both the U.


and U.


dance charts.

In 2016 Blue released “Perfect Strangers,” the follow-up to his global smash, featuring JP Cooper on vocals.

The single landed in the Top Ten internationally and was followed by “By Your Side” with Raye.

The following year he issued “Mama,” his collaboration with Australian pop vocalist William Singe.

TRACKLIST01. Drink To You (3:30)02. Mama (3:04)03. Perfect Strangers (3:17)04. I See Love (2:53)05. Polaroid (3:13)06. Desperate (2:54)07. By Your Side (3:21)08. Wild (3:33)09. Wherever You Go (3:29)10. Purpose (2:50)11. Rise (3:14)12. Supernova (3:07)13. We Could Go Back (3:12)14. Come Through (2:58)15. Fast Car (3:32)

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