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File size: 154 MBGeoScene3D is a 3D Geological modelling software for visualizing geoscience data, building geological models in order to distribute the results to stakeholders.

The software is well suited for geoscientists in public and private organizations working with engineering geology, groundwater, soil contamination or other tasks involving compilation and interpretation or visualization of a variety of data types.

Designed and built for GeologistsGeoScene3D enables visualization of a broad range of geoscience data.

For example wells, geophysical data, soil and water chemistry, terrain surfaces and geological layers.

Furthermore, it is also possible to build geological models using the software in a well-defined modelling process.

From the manual, or semi-automated production of layer interpretation points, through the generation of layer surfaces using advanced interpolation techniques, to the final export of layer surfaces for further processing in other software, like FeeFlow, Modflow or similar.

GeoScene3D is the standard platform for geoscience data in Denmark and is continuously developed in collaboration with the Danish Geological Survey (GEUS), the Danish Nature Agency and major Danish engineering companies.

The software handles a wide variety of use cases with users facing different tasks in their day to day work.

The result is a practical, versatile and robost program with the functionality to handle everyday practical problems the geologists face in many situtations, both in the public and private sector.

Data Types and FormatsGeoScene3D support a variety of data types and have import wizards in place, making it easy to visualize your data.

Some examples of data types currently used in GeoScene3D:Well dataBorehole logsAirborne and ground based EM and TEMResistivity data DC, CVES, ERTMRSSeismic data, SEGYChemical dataDigital terrain modelsTabular data (e.g. database, CSV…)Map Data (shp and tab files, grids, WMS services …)Bitmap data (jpg, bmp…)Whats New:Improvements• Better support for running up to 10 GeoScene3D’s by allowing more temporary folders• Improvement the performance of profile window. The profile should show up faster with better image quality. Itis possible now to have both background image and items using camerabitmap at the same time (Vector Theme,ERT, Freeform).

Bug fixes• Modeldatabase import bug has been fixed• The fense profile visibility in 3D has been fixed• The slice visibility of 3D grid has been fixed• Profile background with high resolution should show in the profile properly now

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