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游戏电影梦幻童话城镇场景3D模型 Kitbash3D – Fairy Tale (MAX/MA/OBJ/FBX格式)


通过Kitbash3D Fairy Tale工具包,包含奇妙庄园,阴暗的小酒馆,迷人的住宅以及各种子细节和配件(如推车,水井和街道支架),将您的矮人,女巫,骑士和城镇居民带入生活

Create the mythical villages and magical kingdoms that inspire our most beloved fairy tales, dark fantasies and harrowing adventures. Bring your dwarves, witches, knights and townsfolk to life with the kit’s wondrous manors, shadowy taverns, enchanted dwellings, and various sub-details and accessories like carts, wells and street stands that will complete whatever world you have brewed in the spells of your imagination!

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