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3DS MAX室内住宅Vray渲染器材质渲染教程

了解如何使用3ds Max,Substance Designer和V-Ray内置的自定义材料创建美丽的住宅内部。

这个培训课程是讲师George Maestri的住宅建模系列的第三部分,该系列从SketchUp开始,带有单户住宅的概念图。


他展示了如何创建自定义金属,木材和织物纹理; 瓷砖图案; 增添色彩和浮雕; 并将位图转换为材质。

每种材质都会返回到3ds Max环境中,以便您可以看到直接应用于模型时结果的外观。

Learn how to create beautiful residential interiors with custom materials built in 3ds Max, Substance Designer, and V-Ray.

This training course is part three of instructor George Maestri's residential modeling series, which started in SketchUp with a concept drawing for a single-family home.

Here, George explains how to furnish the interior of the home and create the materials needed to render the design.

He shows how to create custom metal, wood, and fabric textures; tile patterns; add color and relief; and convert bitmaps into materials.

Each material is brought back into the 3ds Max environment so you can see how the results look when applied directly to the model.


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