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游戏资源素材2022年12月份更新合集 第二波








100 Special Skills Effects Pack v22.10.unitypackage

2D Neon Grids v1.1.0.unitypackage

2D Side Scrolling – Giant Monster Worm Survival KIT v1.1.unitypackage

3000 RPG Item Icons v1.1.unitypackage

3D Games Effects Bundle 1 v1.6.unitypackage

500 RPG Spell Icons – Fantasy v1.0.unitypackage

9t5 Low Poly Barber Shop v1.0.unitypackage

Altos – Procedural Skybox Volumetric Clouds Day Night Cycle v3.1.0.unitypackage

Ambient Scary – Volume 1 v1.1.unitypackage

Animated Dynamic VDU v1.1.unitypackage

Assassin Stylized Toon Character v1.0.0.unitypackage

Assault Character Pack Remastered v1.0.unitypackage

Aurora FPS Engine v2.4.0.unitypackage

Avatar Emote FX v1.1.unitypackage

Bare Ninja Anim Set v1.2.unitypackage

Battle Simulator

Beat Detection v2018.1.unitypackage

Beautiful Sky v1.0.unitypackage

Beautify 3 – Advanced Post Processing v15.4.unitypackage

Boing Kit Dynamic Bouncy Bones Grass and More v1.2.37.unitypackage

Bomber Bug – Explosive Insect Monster – Fantasy RPG v6.1.unitypackage

Bouncy Ball 3D v1.0.unitypackage

Broccoli Tree Creator v1.5.10.unitypackage

Brute Force – Snow Ice Shader v1.2.unitypackage

Building Constructor v1.0.unitypackage

C.V.P – Pine Woods

Character Creator 2D v1.94.unitypackage

Character Portraits Pack 8 v1.0 (22 Jul 2020).unitypackage

Citizens Pro 2019 v1.0.unitypackage

City Builder Collection One HDRP v1.0.1.unitypackage

City Bus with Interior 3 v5.3.unitypackage

Cloth Dynamics

Colony Simulator v1.07.unitypackage

Combat Framework v5.6.unitypackage

Component Names v1.0.7.unitypackage

Cosmo Cat Girl v1.0.unitypackage

Cscape City System v1.0.5.unitypackage

Deathmatch AI Kit v2.0.2.unitypackage

Demon Mace – Weapon v1.1.unitypackage

Dialogue 2 v2.0.6.unitypackage

Dynamic Mesh Cutter v1.2.3.unitypackage

EasyRoads3D Demo Project v2.1f1.unitypackage

Edgar Pro – Procedural Level Generator v2.0.4.unitypackage

Embedded Browser v3.1.0.unitypackage

Epic Mountains Pack v2.unitypackage

Eternal Temple v1.5.3.unitypackage

Exporter for Unreal to Unity 2022 v1.19.unitypackage

Fantasy Plants – Briarthorn v1.unitypackage

Fantasy Treasure Loot Kit

Feel v3.6.unitypackage

Fluid Flow 2 v2.3.unitypackage

Footsteps Sound Pack v1.0.unitypackage

Free Fall – Accelerometer Arcade v1.3.unitypackage

Galactic Adventure Music Pack 1 v2.1.unitypackage

Game Creator 2

Game Creator 2 v2.6.27.unitypackage

Global Snow v6.9.1.unitypackage

Goblin Warrior AnimSet v1.1.unitypackage

GPU Instancer v1.7.3.unitypackage


Horse Animset Pro (Riding System) v4.4.0.unitypackage

Horse Animset Pro (Riding System) v4.4.0a.unitypackage

Humanoid Basics – Third Person Controller

Humanoids Monsters Pack v1.1.unitypackage



Hyper Casual Mega Sports v1.0.unitypackage

Impostors – Runtime Optimization v1.0.5.unitypackage

InstaLOD Unity 2020b Update 1 WinOnly iND.rar

Inventory 2 v2.5.7.unitypackage

Japan Garden HDRP v1.0.unitypackage

Japanese Apartment v1.0.unitypackage

Kettle Grill PBR v1.0.unitypackage

Kitsune 2 v1.0.unitypackage

Landscape Ground Pack v2.0.unitypackage

LCar – Low poly car pack Bonus v1.0.unitypackage

Local Avoidance v2.1.0.unitypackage

Localized Dialogs Cutscenes LDC v6.3.unitypackage

Low Poly Ultimate Pack v6.15.unitypackage

Low Poly Vehicles v1.0.unitypackage

Lowpoly Style Ultra Pack v1.21.unitypackage

Magica Cloth v1.12.10.unitypackage

Maintainer v1.16.0.unitypackage

Male Knight Modular Pack 01 Cute Series v1.2.unitypackage

Map Graph v1.19.2.unitypackage

Mech Constructor Spiders and Tanks v2.5.unitypackage

MicroSplat – Terrain Collection v3.9.26.unitypackage

MK Glow – Bloom Lens Glare v4.5.0.unitypackage

MMO Camera v1.0.1.unitypackage

MMORPG KIT 2D 3DSurvival v1.78.unitypackage

Modular Motion v1.4.unitypackage

Modular RPG Hero PBR v1.6.unitypackage

Modular Space Stations v1.0.unitypackage

Modular Stylized Colonial Town v1.0.unitypackage

MonKey – Productivity Commands v2022.0.1.unitypackage

Monsters Ultimate Pack 02 Cute Series v1.0.unitypackage

Monsters Ultimate Pack 04 Cute Series v1.0.unitypackage

Move Me! Character Controller v1.1.unitypackage

NWH Vehicle Physics 2 v1.9.3a.unitypackage

Old Dusty Furniture v1.1.unitypackage

OmniShade Pro – Mobile Optimized Shader v1.3.2.unitypackage

Orbit Defense Game Template v1.0.7.unitypackage

Paladin Anim Set v1.0.unitypackage

Particle ProFX One v1.2.3.unitypackage

Path Painter II v2.1.5.unitypackage

Photon PUN Classic v1.105.unitypackage

Pixel Heroes Pack v1.1.unitypackage

Pixel-Perfect Fog Of War

Pixelate v1.04.unitypackage

Platform Character Controller v1.4.unitypackage

Platform Game Assets Ultimate v1.3.1.unitypackage

Police Station Interior Exterior Kit v3.2.unitypackage

POLY – Farm v1.0.unitypackage

POLY – House Appliances v1.0.unitypackage

POLY – Houses v1.0.unitypackage

POLY – Mega Survival Tools v1.0.unitypackage

POLY – Megapolis City Pack v1.0.unitypackage

POLY – New York City Modular v1.0.unitypackage

Poly Art Boars v3.4.unitypackage

POLYGON Dungeons – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty v1.6.unitypackage

Prefab World Builder v2.7.2.unitypackage

Quantum Console v2.6.3.unitypackage

Quibli Anime Shaders and Tools v1.5.0 Oct 4, 2022.unitypackage

Quick Patrol Shooter AI

Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol 3 v1.3.unitypackage

Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol.4 v1.0.unitypackage

Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol1 v1.3.unitypackage

Racing UI-pack v1.0.unitypackage

Random City Generator v1.0.unitypackage

RBCC – Rigidbody Character Controller v1.0.unitypackage

Red Demon – Proto Series

Road GPS Navigator v1.0.unitypackage

Roguelike Generator Pro – Level Dungeon Procedural Generator v1.3.0.unitypackage

RPG Cameras Controllers v5.3.2.unitypackage

Santa Stylized Toon Character v1.0.unitypackage

Sci Fi Top Down Game Template v2.2.unitypackage

SECTR COMPLETE 2019 v2019.0.5.unitypackage

Shader Graph Baker v2022.2.unitypackage

Simple Bicycle Physics v2.0.2.unitypackage

Simple IAP System v4.3.5.unitypackage

Smart Destruction 2D v1.0.5.unitypackage

Smart Shadows v1.1.0.unitypackage

SoulLink Procedural AI Spawner v1.2.7.unitypackage

SoulLink Procedural AI Spawner v1.2.8.unitypackage

Stats 2 v2.1.8.unitypackage

Steam City – steampunk v1.0.unitypackage

Storyteller – Dialogue Interaction v2022.7.3.unitypackage

Stronghold Village v1.9.3.unitypackage

Stylized Caves v2.0.unitypackage

STYLIZED Complete Drift Cars v1.1.0.unitypackage

Stylized Fantasy Elementals Pack v1.0.unitypackage

Survivor Girl 1 v1.1.unitypackage

Tessera Pro v5.1.1.unitypackage

The Beautiful Toon Collection v1.0.unitypackage

Time Control and Pause Kit v2.3.unitypackage

Time manager v1.0.unitypackage

Time Rewinder v1.3.unitypackage

Toon City Cars Pack

Toony Tiny RTS Set v1.4.unitypackage

Total Music Collection v1.26.unitypackage

Traversal (Game Creator 1) v0.1.6.unitypackage

Tunnel FX 2 v3.0.unitypackage

Turn-Based Strategy Toolkit v1.0.2.unitypackage

UGUI MiniMap v2.5.0.unitypackage

Ultimate Sound FX Bundle v2.1.unitypackage

UMA for RPG Builder v2.0.2.unitypackage

UModeler – Model your World v2.9.18.unitypackage

UniWebView 4 v4.12.1.unitypackage

Very Animation v1.2.17.unitypackage

Weather Maker – Volumetric Clouds and Weather System for Unity.unitypackage

Whiskey Structure Builder v1.0.1.unitypackage

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发布日期: 2022-12-4