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支持的版本介绍,MultiScatter 支持从max2008-->2011的支持,MentalRay自然不用说了肯定各个版本都支持,Vray的版本支持如下:

Max2008            Max2009             Max2010            Max2011

Vray  1.5 RC5    Vray  1.5 Sp2     Vray  1.5 Sp3     Vray  1.5 Sp5

Vray  1.5 Sp2    Vray  1.5 Sp3     Vray  1.5 Sp4

Vray  1.5 Sp3    Vray  1.5 Sp4     Vray  1.5 Sp5

Vray  1.5 Sp4    Vray  1.5 Sp5

Vray  1.5 Sp5


压缩包中有安装说明.txt 注意查看。


MultiScatter 1.1.05a V-ray 2.00.02 support  For 3DsMAX 2009, 2010, 2011 32Bit & 64Bit

MultiScatter is a new product, based on VRayScatter technology its designed to work not only with V-Ray but with Mental Ray too.

New in MultiScatter: multi-core processing support! It uses all available CPU cores and therefore runs much quicker than VRayScatter which can only use one CPU core. And more!

MultiScatter allows VRay and Mentalray to generate huge amount of objects in array.

The support for 64-bit systems allows MultiScatter to create and submit for render, for example, forest or even a city in a blink of an eye.


Capability of creation huge amount of objects in array (hundreds of thousands and millions)

Quick rendertime generation of objects with optimized RAM management

Random transformations (scale, rotation) of objects in array

Distribution of objects based on bitmaps or procedural maps

Scaling of objects based on bitmaps or procedural maps

Realtime viewport preview of objects placement

Different types of viewport preview of objects

Special procedural map the MultiScatterTexture

64-bit support

Differences from VRayScatter:

Mental Ray support (geometry and Mental Proxy)

Not only VrayProxy but any kind of geometry supported

Many objects in one Scatter

Probability texture for objects "clustering”

Multithreading support in all operations including viewports

Picking objects directly from a scene

Materials, property and animation interactively depended to scene objects.

"Help pictures” for new users (possible to switch off).

Revolutionary viewport preview mode – points.

Diffuse colour or wirecolor preview in viewport.

Collision preview in viewport.

Converting MultiScatter object to single mesh or instant copied objects.

MultiScatter utility.

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