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Transoft Solutions Torus

TORUS is advanced CAD-based software for the design of modern roundabouts. Powered by the trusted AutoTURN engine,TORUS takes the innovative,patent pending approach of generating roundabout geometries using vehicle swept path movements.

About Transoft Solutions Inc

Since 1991, Transoft Solutions has invested in people, software, and technology to help our clients achieve their full potential. But we\'re not just in the business of developing engineering software; we also believe in delivering outstanding sales and technical services.

We develop and support innovative and timesaving CAD-based software for engineers, architects, and drafters for their civil and infrastructure design and planning needs. Transoft\'s products have become the de facto standard of the departments of transportation of many state and national agencies throughout the world - a level of success that clearly makes us a worldwide leader in our field!


The Definitive Software for Modern Roundabout Planning and Design

Take the creation of single and multilane roundabouts to another level of productivity with full control and feedback during the roundabout design process. Designing optimal roundabouts that meet traffic operations and safety objectives has never been easier.

Revolution in design for exceptional engineering

Powered by the trusted AutoTURN engine, TORUS uses the patent pending Vehicle Envelope Method of design to generate roundabout geometry with vehicle swept paths. This innovative approach allows for real-time, interactive designing and dynamically updates any changes made to the entire roundabout layout. Engineers with all levels of roundabout design experience will find TORUS invaluable for projects throughout the feasibility, preliminary, and planning stages.

More info:

Name: Transoft Solutions Torus



Interface: english

Platform: AutoCAD 2007–2012 series of products (exceptAutoCAD LT), MicroStation XM,V8i

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

Size: 241.8 mb



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