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Cyclone CloudWorx,Cyclone II TOPO


● 可输出二维或三维图,线画图,点云图,三维模型

● 可控制LEICA扫描仪完成点云数据采集

● 自动扫描测量标靶

● 设置照相机曝光和分辨率

● 数据采集批处理功能

● 依据标靶或/和点云实现点云拼接

● 数据分块处理和管理功能

● 海量数据管理(可支持10亿点以上的数据管理)

● 根据点云自动生成平面、曲面、圆柱、弯管、法兰…

● 实现三维管道设计

● 自动构网和生成等高线

● 依据切片厚度生成点云切面

● 用CloudWorx模块可在AutoCAD或MicroStation中处理点云数据

● 可以输出DXF,PTX,PTS,TXT等多种数据格式

Leica's HDS software suite - Cyclone, CloudWorx, and Leica ForensicMAP Pro - is considered by many as the industry standard solution to capture, visualize, extract, analyze, share and represent point cloud data as traditional or enhanced deliverables. The suite includes powerful standalone modules and convenient CAD plug-ins for working with point cloud data directly within CAD applications.

Leica CloudWorx seamlessly extends these applications to directly support the use of large point cloud data sets – captured by laser scanners – with all standard visual effects tools. Now, you can easily use point cloud data in your native modeling environment to create compelling fly-through movies; serve as a template for modeling 3D geometry or lighting effects; and serve as a 3D background for visual effects processes.

The evidentiary collection and investigative benefits of 3D laser scanning are quickly revolutionizing how forensic investigations are conducted. ForensicMAP Pro, the latest addition to the industry leading suite of software products of Leica Geosystems, combines built-in support of Leica 3D laser scan data with a robust desktop forensic mapping software.

About Leica Geosystems HDS Division

The High-Definition Surveying Division of Leica Geosystems AG is the world's leading vendor of 3D laser scanning solutions for as-built, detail, engineering, topographic, and architectural surveys. The division's advanced High-Definition Surveying (HDS) laser scanners, point cloud software and turn-key systems are optimized for accuracy, versatility, ease-of-use and a sound return-on-investment. In addition to these products, the division also provides the industry's most comprehensive customer support and referrals to the industry's largest and most experienced network of service providers.






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