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本视频教程是由cmiVFX机构出品的Blender游戏引擎制作视频教程,cmiVFX Blender Realtime Game Engine,时长:5小时21分,大小:1.43 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender,作者:Chris Maynard Dimitris Christou Juan Madrigal,官方发布日期:2010年12月10日,语言:英语。CG数据库整理。


cmiVFX Blender Realtime Game Engine

cmiVFX has released BLENDER REALTIME GAME ENGINE with Dimitris Christou. The Blender open source CG suite comes with its own game engine. We will build a good looking interactive toy with the powerful logic editor. Even if you have NO experience building interactive computer graphics or coding, feel free to join us. The toy will be setup entirely in Blender from scratch without having to write a single line of code. You will see how to move, effect and interact with your objects in the Blender Game Engine. Without using code you will program the game engine to use keyframes, 2D filters, particles and more. Low poly modeling is covered extensively in this workshop. You will discover how easy it is to keep your poly count low while building a rich interactive scene. Blender’s powerful set of modifiers will also help you with your task.

Lastly, the final chapter will be about Blender Rigid Body physics in the game engine. Discover how we can apply, modify, and affect properties in an advanced blender game scene.

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