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本书籍是关于中世纪幻想设计书籍,3DTotal Painting Fantasy Medieval Scenes,大小:62 MB,PDF高清格式,共46页,语言:英语。

3DTotal Painting Fantasy Medieval Scenes

This eBook series will be split over six separate chapters, all sharing the common theme of a fantasy inspired medieval scene. Each will be undertaken by a different artist and draw upon a wealth of experience and skills perfected over years of industry practice. The authors will discuss their approach to digital /concept painting, the tools and brushes they employ and treat us to a valuable look into their artistic process. The six installments will cover a different environment each chapter based upon the medieval theme and encompass a multitude of professional tips and techniques.

The importance of researching topics through to sketching and exploring ideas will feature alongside methods used to build and refine detail. These will form an integral part of the series and through comparison we shall be afforded a comprehensive insight into the world of the digital artist.


发布日期: 2014-4-9