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本插件是圆圈图形动画AE脚本插件Circles OtherCubed 带教程,大小:117 MB,支持AE软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语,可以制作40多种圆圈图形动画。简单易用,功能强大,无限定制!

which can create impressive animations and transitions in a fraction of the time it would take to create conventionally.


Single animation layer for super simple usability.

40+ options for customisability.

Lots of Time, Scale and Rotation offset options!

As complex or simple as you want.

Cut, Slice, Wave and Scanline effects that can be mixed and matched, with individual offsets.

Two Colour layers that can be swapped out for other comps to sample their colours!

Completely Vector based, so everything can be scaled indefinitely! No more blurry edges.

Polygons! Now you can change to polygons and choose number of sides/roundness.


Run the Circles Installer through After Effects

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