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本软件是由russian3dscanner机构出品的R3DS Wrap三维拓扑工具软件V3.2.0版,大小:400 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。


Wrap changes the way you process 3D-scan data. When working with a large set of similar objects like human scans Wrap makes it possible to take an existing basemesh and non-rigidly fit it to each and every scan.

It also provides a set of very useful scan processing tools like decimation, mesh filtering, texture projection and many more. Thanks to node-graph architecture once you’ve processed a single scan you can apply the same recipe to an unlimited number of other scans.

R3DS Wrap三维拓扑工具软件V3.2.0版 R3DS WRAP 3.2.0 WIN的图片1
R3DS Wrap三维拓扑工具软件V3.2.0版 R3DS WRAP 3.2.0 WIN的图片2