CG数据库 >> 14组高质量Substance材质合集

本合辑是关于14组高质量Substance材质合集,大小:80 MB,包含沙子,砖墙,深林等,格式:SBS。

14 High-quality Substance materials including full source .sbs files so you can learn from and dissect them at your leisure.

All graphs have been organised and commented for ease of use.

The Desert Rock Substance has also had an overhaul and is drastically improved.


1. Alien Red Weed

2. Black Sand

3. Brick Wall

4. Cooled Lava

5. Desert Rock

6. Forest Floor

7. Jungle Rock Face

8. Medieval Stone Wall

9. Peeling Painted Plaster

10. Porous Rock

11. Rock

12. Rocky Black Sand

13. Sea Foam

14. Terracotta Tiles


发布日期: 2018-3-1