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本插件是关于Graswald Cuber Add-on杂草苔藓与斜角Blender插件,大小:1.6 GB,支持Blender,支持Win系统,语言:英语。


5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前5 天前GraswaldThis was purchased from The 2 archives are the actual downloads from the site…nothing was repacked. Added a folder with information about the plugin.Graswald is a professional high-quality asset pack containing different species of weeds, grass, and moss as well as various kinds of debris, packed in a powerful add-on that allows incredible customization.Get the Detail you need!Every single asset was carefully modeled with reference to the structural details of the real plant. With Graswald, you’ll get photoreal grass with visible nodes, sheaths, and collars or weed flowers with visible ligules and stigmata, allowing stunning detail that even holds up in close-up situations and micro shots.Cuber Add-onCuber is developed for a fast and intuitive use of the intersect (boolean/knife) feature in Blender’s edit mode. This gives artists looking to give their poly modeling a boost whether they’re using subd or non-subd surfaces more freedom and control in creating shapes. By creating a list of unique bevel weight values used in the work mesh Cuber lets you easily manage the bevel effects assigned to the edges of the work mesh, this along with the bevel weight slider function which operate in real time tied to a bevel modifier parameter setup and the capture sharp feature to quickly select the sharp edges gives you a better workflow when creating high resolution hard surface assets. This also lets you bake hi-re bevel segments to low res versions of the mesh with fewer bevel segments maintaining the roundness of the edges for faster renders

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