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本合辑是关于2400组BBC顶级录制音效库60CD全集,大小:5.3 GB,格式:MP3,包含:家庭,室内背景,喜剧,幻想,幽默,通讯,水,工业,汽车,医院,马术,牲畜,农业机械,马,狗,学校和人群等风格,仅供大家学习使用!!在线试听:The BBC Sound Effects Library gives you a limitless resource of royalty free sound. Meeting the highest industry standards, BBC offers a wide selection of sound clips recorded by BBC's top engineers. The original 40 CD series comprises a full complement of exterior atmospheres, household, interior backgrounds, comedy, fantasy, humor, communications, water, industry, cars, hospitals, equestrian events, livestock, agricultural machinery, horses, dogs, schools and crowds.Features:International sound effects from Spain, Greece, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South America, China & AfricaUnmistakable British sound effectsImportant historical resource2,433 royalty free sound effectsAvailable on 60 Audio CDsProvides sound effects in major sound categories:Interior and Exterior BackgroundsWeatherTransport, Ships & BoatsHumans Sounds, Children & BabiesComedy and Animals, including Equestrian Events,Construction & Handyman soundsEmergency ServicesEveryday Sounds from the SuburbsSteam Engines & TransportationFootstepsUnusual and Hard to Get Sounds include:1936 Raleigh Sports BikeEuston Railway StationSt. Paul’s Cathedral1986 Silver Sprite Rolls RoyceAudience Reactions at the Royal Albert HallCounty Cricket MatchBig BenMarkets in Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Zaire, Ethiopia, Kenya…Istanbul Bazaar, Mosque and other AtmospheresKathmandu & BombayBolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, ColombiaHungary, Czech Republic & Slovakia


发布日期: 2019-10-7