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iDRAWGiRLS - Face Constructed III | .wmv | +brushes | +eBook | 199Mb

iDRAWGiRLS Face Constructed III :Painting Male Character Design Faces极品PS男性角色设计脸部绘制教程,IDG出品的极品Photoshop绘画教程

Topics covered 主题内容:

-Establishing facial feature using values.

-Balancing skintone using cool and warm colors.

-Working with Photoshop

-Using Exaggeration of proportion

-Rough Sketching and blocking in shapes

-Working with soft and hard edges

-Dealing with different facial angels and lightings.

-Lighting dos and don’ts.

-Manipulating values, shapes, and color for facial feature.

-Facial basic temporature ranges.

-Working with beard & mastache.

-Finishing portrait paintings

Chapters 章节内容:

Concept I Warrior Type

01) Construction lines & Block in Values.

02) Define Facial Structure using values.

03) Skintones and color temporatures.

Concept II Young Hero

04) Establishing 3/4 View Face.

05) Arranging Values

06) Color using Cool & Warm.

Concept III Wizard, Shaman, Normad

07) Establishing 3/4 View Face.

08) Apply color over values

Concept IV *Facial Exaggeration & modification BlackSmith,

09) Sketch & Block in Values.

10) Structure, Color, Temperature.