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本插件是由3PointStudios机构出品的3DsMAX着色器插件3PointShader 1.02.03破解版。

3PointStudios 3PointShader Pro v1.02.03 For 3DsMAX

3Point Shader Pro is a toolset for creation and presentation of high-quality real- time materials in the Autodesk 3ds Max™ viewport. A user-friendly GUI helps meet and exceed what is expected of a master shader and its companion tools.

The open product design coupled with creative thinking and the experimentation made easy by the GUI has allowed a wide range of user-created custom effects such as sub-surface scattering, realistic hair rendering and NPR shading.

All industry standard effects are featured. Surface colour, highlights, normal maps, glow, transparency, point lights, ambient lights, reflections and shadows. These can capture all materials you will need, from stone to skin, cloth or metal.

Each effect is configurable in multiple ways to be able to conform to a wide range of needs and standards of production environments.

3Point Shader Pro is comprised of the following:

3ds Max 3Point Shader Material

Modifier to enable Quality Mode

Tool to convert Lite materials to full GUI materials

Sample content that demonstrates 3Point Shader features

ViewThief, a viewport image capture tool


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