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Autodesk Maya 2009 The Special Effects Handbook

This exceptional, full-color

Autodesk Maya Press title -- produced by Autodesk (formerly Alias), the

software's creators -- uses an award-winning movie short as the basis for the

book's all-new hands-on tutorials.

Readers will follow clear step-by-step

projects to understand the rendering and dynamics stages of production.

Readers will learn how to:

-Create materials and textures

-Set up

lights and cameras

-Work with shadows and raytracing Learn to control your


-Understand rendering for special effects and compositing

-Explore hardware rendering and vector rendering

-Create Caustics and

Global Illumination effects

-Understand Final Gather and HDRI techniques

-Create Maya and mental ray

-Shaders Create and animate Rigid Body


-Create and animate particles using fields, goals, ramps and


-Render particles with hardware graphics and software techniques

-Dynamically animate NURBs and polygonal surfaces using Soft Bodies Utilize

-Artisan functionality in conjunction with Maya Dynamics tools Instance

geometry with particle motion

-Use Dynamic Constraints including


Body constraints and soft body springs Otimize and troubleshoot dynamics scenes.

Learn how to produce desired design techniques with the how-to, detailed

instructions in Learning Autodesk Maya The Special Effects Handbook (Official

Autodesk Training Guide, includes DVD). This book uses actual production files

from an animated short film in tutorials that will get you familiar with Mayas

tools, options and capabilities. Follow the clear, step-by-step instructions to

understand the rendering and dynamic stages of productions. You can explore

lighting, texturing and visual effects and become familiar with the latest

features through the books new tutorials and art.


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