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modo 501 Rigging Master Course

Welcome to the Rigging Master Course, where

you can discover the concepts and techniques essential to rigging models for

animation in modo 501. Your instructor, Rich Hurrey, takes you from the basics

of the modo interface and tools, through to covering in-depth such challenging

topics as ‘Inverse Kinematics’ and the ‘Schematic Viewport’. With the advanced

skills gained in the foundation section, you can tackle a tutorial that

ultimately results in a full production-ready asset.

This interactive

training series includes 26+ hours of keyword searchable videos with indexed

chapter markers, cross-referenced links to the related sections Renrensucai.Com

of the training and online documentation, an extensive FAQ’s section as well as

included scene files for you to open and follow along. All of this is packaged

in a beautifully intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface. Designed for all levels

of users, this series provides not just the ‘how’, but the often missing ‘why’.

This is more than a rigging video tutorial, it is an entire master class course

that is sure to give you new insight into how modo works and an appreciation for

the power it is capable of.










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《Modo官方骨骼套索动画控制高级教程》Luxology modo 501 Rigging Master Course的图片1
《Modo官方骨骼套索动画控制高级教程》Luxology modo 501 Rigging Master Course的图片2

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