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2DArtistPDF艺术杂志高质量版,值得CG爱好者的收藏。本杂志至推出到现在得到CG业界一致的好评。重点关注概念艺术和数字背景绘制。CGer的你别错过,这是****2DArtist Issue 2012年2月刊。

2DArtist Issue 074 February 2012

Hello and welcome to the February issue of 2DArtist! I hope you had a good January. How many of you have been sticking closely to your New Year’s

resolution? Any of you given it to chocolate or avoided going for that early morning run yet? Well if you’re looking for a worthwhile distraction to

keep your mind off your vices I would strongly recommend this month’s 2DArtists which is full of inspiration and advice!