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Prepare to be inspired! Welcome to the Official Corel Painter magazine – a tutorial-based magazine aimed at creative computer users with a desire to produce stunning digital masterpieces. Painter is the world's most powerful natural media software and has been in production for 13 years. It allows users to transform photos or sketches into works of art, and its advanced range of brushes gives a multitude of effects, such as watercolour, oil, pencil, impasto and ink. The Official Corel Painter magazine covers every aspect of this amazing software and every month has reader challenges, projects, features, interviews and a resource-packed CD which includes a demo of Painter itself. This is THE magazine for anyone wanting to further their Corel Painter skills or learn how to become a better digital artist.

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《CorelPainter官方指南书籍合辑》Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 1-12的图片1
《CorelPainter官方指南书籍合辑》Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 1-12的图片5
《CorelPainter官方指南书籍合辑》Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 1-12的图片6

发布日期: 2012-2-12