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In this course we will cover the basics of working in BodyPaint 3D.

Creating believable texture maps is a huge part of creating great characters, props, and environments. BodyPaint 3D is fantastic tool for painting textures interactively on our models, while keeping a lot of the functionality that comes from working in a 2d image editing application. BodyPaint 3D is widely used in the industry and knowing how to use this powerful program will really help you work faster and smarter. In this course we will get a good jump start on working in BodyPaint 3D. We will go over the interface and talk about where everything's located. We will go through the process of setting up textures for our models, complete with multiple channels and layers. We'll cover painting concepts and tools including working with brushes and color. We'll also look at useful concepts like Projection Painting and using the Raybrush Render View to get a better idea of what your texture will look like as you paint. We'll also go over some of the ways you can integrate BodyPaint 3D with other applications like Photoshop, Maya, or 3DS Max. Once you are done, you will be able to jump in and start texturing your own models in BodyPaint 3D.

1. Introduction and project overview

2. The BodyPaint 3D interface

3. Using the Paint Setup Wizard

4. UV Basics

5. Beginning the painting process

6. Painting Workflows

7. Working with texture files

8. Extracting data from external images

9. Using Projection Painting

10. Working with layers

11. Working with channels

12. Using the Raybrush Render View

13. Adjusting texture maps

14. Exploring other paint tools

15. Using BodyPaint 3D with Photoshop

16. Painting luminance

17. Using BodyPaint with other applications

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