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这次DJ机构为我们带来另一个特别版和 -


Just in

time for those last-minute holiday projects, we bring you another Special

Edition instant download collection -- Animated Christmas Canvases 2! Continuing

where the first volume left off, these animated holiday backgrounds in our

popular Animated Canvases style will add even more to your holiday graphic

resource library with 15 all-new holiday-themed ready-to-use Quicktime

animations. No more staring at an empty timeline hoping for inspiration. This

cheerful new library of subtle Christmas backgrounds provides a wide variety of

powerful starting points for your next yuletide-themed creation. Unlike our more

complex Editor's Toolkit or ready2go animated backgrounds and projects, the

Animated Canvases product line is not about customizable layers and lots of

motion elements. It's about giving your text, your videos and your ideas the

perfect foundation to come alive and project your message against a subtle

supporting backdrop.

We believe the soul of every presentation or production

is defined by its background. These animations, in a larger-than-life HD

resolution, offer an exciting mix of animated lights, colors and textures of the

season that creates a perfect backdrop for everything from product promos,

season's greetings videos and corporate PSA messages to DVD menus, Christmas

weddings and more. In this package, you get an interesting animated graphic base

and a creative nudge to get your ideas flowing and your project moving. These

new Animated Christmas Canvases provide an environment that enhances your video

and text and makes your material stand out.




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