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景观 - 20


海报龙 - 11.25 x20“

海报 - 11.25 x17.25“

广场 - 11.25 x11.25“

人像 -

9.5 ×11.5“




coordinated sets of graphics

200 high-resolution backgrounds, including 5

print friendly variations

Landscape - 20 x 11.25"

Poster Long - 11.25 x


Poster - 11.25 x 17.25"

Square - 11.25 x 11.25"

Portrait - 9.5 x


Native JPG Format

We introduce to you the latest Special Edition

downloadable collection from our popular Canvases graphic background product

line! Worship Canvases contains 40 all-new worship-themed image backgrounds,

each delivered in 5 useful size formats for a total of 200 brand new faith-based

images. No more staring at a blank page or an empty timeline hoping for

inspiration. This inspiring new library of subtle religious and spiritual

background images provides a wide variety of powerful starting points for your

next church graphics presentation. Unlike our more complex Juice Drops

illustrations, Canvases are not about layers and lots of graphic elements. They

are about giving your text, your photos and your ideas the perfect foundation to

come alive and project your message.

We know you are working on a limited

budget and with constant deadlines. You need something you can use immediately

that will make an impact and drive your message home. Look at any professionally

designed poster, flyer or multimedia presentation and you are unlikely to find a

simple solid color background. Instead you will find a sophisticated mix of

color and texture that creates a perfect backdrop for the message being

projected. This is what Worship Canvases provides for you - without all the hard

work and without breaking the bank. It gives you an interesting faith-based

graphic foundation and a creative nudge to get your ideas flowing and your

project moving. Worship Canvases images provide a subtle spiritual themed

environment that enhances your text, photos or videos and makes your material

stand out.



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