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由Lynda com 公司出品的Lynda com 3DS Max 2011 Particle Effects教程,3DS Max 2011离子特效教程.

作者史蒂夫内尔演示如何创建一个包括烟雾,水,爆炸粒子等多种特效。本课程提供了这两个事件3ds Max和非事件粒子系统的详细解释,除了解决了粒子的材料,空间扭曲和导流使用的重要性和创建使用MetaParticles流体效果。这表明可建立海洋水下场景,泥石流,多水的实用技术。教程附带练习文件。 3ds Max 2011: Particle Effects

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Genre: Video Training

In 3ds Max 2011: Particle Effects, Steve Nelle shows how to create a wide variety of particle special effects including smoke, water, and explosions. The course provides a detailed explanation of both event and non-event particle systems in 3ds Max, in addition to addressing the importance of a particle's material, the use of Space Warps and Deflectors, and creating fluid effects using MetaParticles. Six start-to-finish projects are also included in the course, which show practical techniques for creating ocean water for underwater scenes, mudslides, and more. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:

* Controlling particle timing, quantity, and rotation

* Comparing particle system types, such as PArray, Super Spray, and more

* Using instanced particles to customize a particle's shape

* Understanding how to set up a particle flow

* Wiring PFlow operators and tests to change particle behavior

* Creating realistic-looking particles using maps

* Adding Gravity and Wind

* Using Space Warps like Vortex, Motor, and PBomb

* Making particles follow a path

* Spawning particles

* Creating realistic smoke

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