CG数据库 >> 《幻影粒子库系统插件》Emiters Libraries for Particle Illusion

一款强大的 粒子制作系统,利用他 你可以轻松、快速制作出绚丽、逼真的粒子效果。

也可配合Max AE 等后期特效制作软件。


Emiters Libraries for Particle Illusion | .il3, .bak, .jpg, .iel, ..ipf | 1.56Gb

Here you can find the emitters both free and paid all that I could find. And also a lot of animated characters, hearts, roses, rings, feathers, famous cartoon of little animals, kisses, butterflies, and a large number of different PIGEONS, ambitious 3D effects such as explosions, smoke, water, fire in the phloem performance, texture, background and etc.


《幻影粒子库系统插件》Emiters Libraries for Particle Illusion的图片1