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Photoshop是Adobe公司旗下最为出名的图像处理软件之一,集图像扫描、编辑修改、图像制作、广告创意,图像输入与输出于一体的图形图像处理软件,深受广大平面设计人员和电脑美术爱好者的喜爱。CS5加入了全面改进后的高清视频渲染引擎Mercury,尤其是其视频处理软件Premiere Pro。Mercury可以利用显卡的图形处理能力加速对高清格式视频的编解码和播放,当然不是所有的显卡,由于和NVIDIA之前达成的协议,Mercury只 支持NVIDIA的显卡。

Video2Brain Uli Staiger Wasps A classic backlit composition

The subject of this video training shows a sun-drenched table scene, where the classic style of life and proven Photoshop techniques to a total captivating presentation combined. See Uli Staiger on the shoulder when he created the transparency of individual elements or light and shadows of objects with Photoshop tools to the end result is a light and airy composition. You learn a lot about the subject of light, such as how to represent sunlight or reflections of light can produce. Just do 1:1 with Renrensucai.Com the images it is natural!

Uli Staiger presents itself and its video training.

A sun-drenched morning, a table was set: Here is a classic still live, 3D visualization and lots of light combined with a gripping scene. Follow the well-known artists composing Uli Staiger step by step in building this masterpiece.

From the contents

table cover

Light and shadow are still largely absent: In the first chapter of this training you will learn how to easily create transparency and give an object a realistic shadow.

brighten up

To lighten non-destructive, should be used only to neutral levels for the possibility Abwedlerwerkzeug. Here you will learn some of the possibilities that Photoshop offers.

wasps insert

The wasps, which were designed and built in CINEMA 4D, must be color-matched and set in motion. The distribution of the animals can make it yourself!


In the last chapter of the light is generated for the composing, which gives the subject its tension.

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