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本教程是由video2brain机构出品的Premiere与After Effects CS5.5媒体创造训练教程。

Video Production with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 and After Effects CS5.5: Learn by Video

This course from expert editor and trainer Maxim Jago takes you on a journey from script to screen. Beginning with Adobe Story and moving on to Premiere Pro, Audition, Photoshop, After Effects, the Adobe Media Encoder, and Encore, you′ll follow a client brief to create a complete project, learning everything you need to know to produce media assets for broadcast and the web. In addition to updating your skills by introducing the new and enhanced features in CS5.5, this course will help to consolidate your familiarity with the existing technologies. You’ll also spend some time looking at creative decisions relating to the original brief and how they affect the choices made within the creative applications. When you finish this course you will feel more confident than ever in your ability to work with the applications in the Creative Suite, make creative choices about media and the technology they use, and dynamically share creative work between multiple applications.

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