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IAR Embedded Workbench支持很多8051芯片。高度优化的编译器产生非常紧凑、高效的代码;已做好的例子和代码模版让工程师快速上手使用;标准版的IAR Embedded Workbench内置了不同硬件调试系统的插件。

Integrated development environment and optimizing C/C++ compiler for 8051

IAR Embedded Workbench with its optimizing C/C++ compiler provides extensive support for a wide range of 8051 devices. The optimizing compilers generate very compact and efficient code. Ready-made examples and code templates for your embedded project are included with the product. The standard edition of IAR Embedded Workbench also includes built-in plugins to different hardware debug systems.

发布日期: 2010-11-28