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这里是一个免费的地球工程与4K地图使用Element 3D。

您还可以使用CC领域的重建项目,而不Element 3D的地图,我们甚至有一个很老的教程向您展示如何。



Here is a free Earth project with 4K maps to use with Element 3D.

You can also use the maps with CC sphere to recreate the project without Element 3D, we even have a very old tutorial to show you how.

Watch the Blue Planet.

To customize the Earth, you can open the Element 3D layer and turn down the illumination map to shut the lights off.

NOTE: Please place the Earth folder inside “My_Models” folder


Element 3D免费地球模型Free Earth Project的图片1

发布日期: 2013-3-20